"""We believe that, in the not-to-distant future, the African church will surpass the American church, not only in size and vitality, but in giving. And Africa Financial Empowerment will play a major role in bringing this about." 

                                                                        - Dr. Denny Miller, Acts in Africa Initiative

“I have been privileged to sit under Ken Krucker's ministry, Africa Financial Empowerment. I felt his teaching would be important for our students at East Africa School of Theology. We had Ken come and conduct a week of chapels and ministry. He made a lasting impact on the students. Our missions giving increased tremendously during the weeks following Ken's ministry. Our students gave nearly $2,000.00 to missions in ten (10) weeks!

I highly recommend Ken Krucker and Africa Financial Empowerment to you. Ken's sound biblical teaching on tithing and worshiping the Lord through giving is what the church needs today.”

- Rev. Jeff Nelson,  Vice Chancellor of East Africa School of Theology


"For too long, the Body of Christ has conformed to the world when dealing with financial issues and has adopted a worldly scarcity mentality. Ken Krucker's presentation on Christian economic empowerment is a strong call back to a Godly relationship to our pockets. God's Word presents a clear roadmap toward spiritual, physical, and economic strength in our lives and in our churches and Ken presents it with grace and humor. Again and again, my friends have asked why they have never been taught this. The church of Sudan is ready to listen and put AFE into action in their lives and in their churches." 

- Rev. Bob McCulley, AGWM Missionary Republic of South Sudan

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