As is well documented, the Africa Assemblies of God has experienced incredible growth during the historic Decade of Harvest, and the years following, even up to the present. Consider the following facts regarding the Africa AG today:

                               •  50 national churches across the continent
                               •  60,000 local churches
                               •  16,000,000 adherents

We are thankful for God’s grace and appreciative of the efforts of so many who have gone before us, who have been used by God to accomplish this work. Their faith and obedience laid a solid foundation for the further advancement of His Church across the continent. Nevertheless, we are reminded of the enormous task that remains and the limited time we have to accomplish the work. Today, we recommit ourselves to our Lord’s directive to go and make disciples of all nations.

The Need for AFE

The Africa Assemblies of God Alliance (AAGA) has launched the Decade of Pentecost (2010-2020). During the decade, we believe God for 10 million new believers to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and mobilized as witnesses. This initiative will result in even greater growth for our churches, with millions coming to a saving faith in Christ, and needing to be discipled. In addition, there will be thousands of churches planted and hundreds of new missionaries recruited, trained and deployed to the yet-to-be-reached peoples of Africa and beyond.

All of these efforts will require an enormous amount of money. Kingdom work needs to be financed and our churches across Africa must be prepared and willing to support these emerging initiatives. Equally important is the need for excellence in financial management.


The Ministry of AFE

There are a number of factors that necessitate such a ministry. The current world economic malaise has adversely affected the missions giving of many churches, thereby directly affecting the availability of funds for Africa. While resources have become more limited, the legitimate needs of the continent increase, along with appeals for assistance. While this economic fact can cause some to throw up their hands in surrender, we at AFE choose to see this time in history as an incredible opportunity for the African church to see the miraculous provision of God! Other reasons for the ministry of AFE include the following:

  • Because of the financial abuses of many ministries across Africa, there exists an unhealthy distrust between congregations and pastors concerning financial matters.
  • Because of a lack of solid scriptural teaching on the subject, people are uninformed, misinformed, and biblically ignorant concerning the proper use of their finances.
  • Because of world financial conditions people are fearful concerning their finances.Because believers need greater understanding regarding God’s generosity and His blessings.
  • Because our African brothers and sisters have not been adequately challenged in this area of their spiritual life.
  • Because when people truly understand the mission of God, and are challenged to give to support worthwhile ministries and projects, they will give generously!

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