We love that word. It means ďa chance for advancementĒ. Our desire remains for all to acknowledge Jesus as their Savior and Lord. And we want our efforts to advance His Kingdom in the hearts of people. So, we take advantage of opportunities to promote His ways...

Africa Financial Empowerment

Africaís Finances Fulfilling Godís Mission! One sure sign of the Lordship of Christ in a personís life is the way they spend their money. Someone said that a check register is a theological document...how true. The ministry of AFE serves to pronounce Biblical principles of finances and to challenge those who love God, to trust Him with their resources. He delights in honoring His Word!


AFE Spiritual Emphasis

East Africa School of Theology, Nairobi Kenya

Acts 1: 8 Conference

Executive Leadership Malawi Assemblies of God

Ken & Merilee Krucker

Fall 2011


The African Church is engaged in this Decade of Pentecost...expecting to see 10 million new believers empowered by the Holy Spirit as witnesses of Christís saving power...and to see hundreds and even thousands trained, mobilized and released into the Harvest fields...especially among the unreached people groups of Africa. All of these plans require funding, thatís why the ministry of AFE is such a vital component to what God is doing on the continent. Thanks for believing in us and seeing things as they could...and should be!

We deeply appreciate your continued financial sacrifice for our ministry.

AFE Seminar Juba Christian Center, Juba South Sudan



AFE session with Kenyan A/G Missionaries

Nairobi Kenya